Three Competition Components - PSA, Power Point, Scale Model

Each 4-person student team will create three components for presentation and display at the Energy City of the Future. Those three components are: (1) a seven-minute PowerPoint presentation; (2) a one-minute public service announcement; and (3) a scale model of Houston in the year 2050. Each component has its own deadline and requirements. Read the following component descriptions for further explanation.

Teams are to select endorsement area(s) and associated focus industries to explore: (1) engineering, computer sciences, and environmental & biological technologies; (2) business and industry; (3) arts and humanities; (4) public services, medicine and healthcare; (5) multidisciplinary studies. (For the purposes of this competition, multidisciplinary studies can include any focus industry not already included in an endorsement area).

Your team’s plan and each of your three competition components should relate to these endorsement area(s) and address how Houston - the Energy Capital of the World! - will use energy in the future AND how the focus industries in one or more of these endorsement areas will become increasingly energy efficient, more environmentally sound, more “user friendly”, and be economically profitable in the year 2050.